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Weekly Brief

Elemental updates of the market delivered every Monday.

Elemental updates of the market delivered every Monday.

One-page report, includes:

  • Summary of S&P, Demolition and Shipbuilding transactions
  • Latest S&P Transactions
  • Average Bunker Prices
  • Week-on-Week Demolition Prices
  • Updated Iron Ore and Coal Prices
  • Latest Commodity News


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About D&F

Dry Bulk Weekly Report

Full weekly coverage of key market indicators. Delivered every Monday.

12-page report, includes:

  • Statistics of loaded tonnage and vessel calls in major exporting regions.
  • Updated Iron ore inventories index in main ports.
  • Evaluation of vessel activity in major exporting countries.
  • Latest commodity updates.
  • Weekly industry highlights.

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About D&F

Dry Bulk Monthly Report

Exhaustive evaluation of major developments. Delivered first Friday of every month..

20-page report, includes:

  • Port activity indicators in major exporting regions.
  • Development of Iron Ore inventories in main ports.
  • Vessel activity in major exporting regions.
  • Review of commodity developments.
  • In-depth topical analysis – Analysts’ Selection of the Month


About D&F

Dry Bulk Quarterly

Quarterly assessment of pivotal indicators to support medium to long-term strategies.

24-page report, includes:

  • Quarter analysis of topics covered in the monthly report, plus:
  • Quarter review and statistics of major markets.
  • Commodity Market Highlights
  • Geopolitics Review – Impact on Dry Bulk Shipping


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Digital Insights Platform

D&F’s Dry Bulk Insights Platform (DBIP) will provide you with the most up-to-date information on Dry Bulk Shipping activity, visualize and interact with our data to extract the most relevant and recent insights of the market.

About D&F
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    Composed by interactive dashboards which are daily updated to keep you up to speed of the latest developing trends.

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    Member’s Blog

    Our DBIP opens a channel with members, so you can participate in market discussions smartted by Analysts’ articles.

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    Analysts’ Articles

    Topical analysis exposing data that help members get the most out of our insight’s platform.

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    Easy Access

    Just a click away by signing into your account, no need to use any additional software.

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    Covered Topics

    Freight market, secondhand sales, shipbuilding, demolition, bunkers, port and vessel activity, and commodity prices.

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